About Us

Who is Behind This Site?

This site was built and is currently maintained by Rob Zazueta (LinkedIn, Twitter). Rob Z. has designed, developed, managed and consumed several APIs throughout his career. NARWHL distills what he considers the best industry practices and emerging standards gleaned from dozens of RESTful APIs.

Why is it Called NARWHL?

Three reasons:

  1. NARWHL stands for Noun As Resource With HyperLinks. This is how Rob Z. often finds himself describing the ideal API structure to colleagues and customers.
  2. Whale + Unicorn = Narwhal. Narwhals are awesome mashups. APIs allow for awesome mashups. the NARWHL framework allows for awesome APIs. Easy.
  3. Narwhals are real. Seriously. And, just as Narwhals don’t live in a fantasy world of the abstract, neither should your API. The NARWHL framework is intended to bring your API into the real world.

How Can I Contact You?

You should try contacting Rob Z. on Twitter (@rzazueta), which may very well get you the fastest response. You may also leave a comment on this site. A more appropriate contact form is forthcoming.

Is This API Copyrighted?

The content on this site should be considered copyrighted and owned by Rob Zazueta. This means you should not copy what you find here and host it, publish it or otherwise produce it as a complete work anywhere else without Rob Z’s express permission.

As for the recommendations themselves, they are intended to be a relatively open framework. It does no one any good if you are prevented from implementing the recommendations on this site. To the contrary – the more people who build their APIs to this framework, the easier it becomes for client developers to create incredible applications without getting bogged down figuring out how to implement each API producer’s individual interface. So, please feel free to follow these recommendations and build amazing APIs. I only ask that, when you do, you send us a link to your API so that we may check it out and feature it here.

2 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. as many programs work, we have a developer’s API platform that can be used in conjunction with our Affiliate program. User’s redirected to shop.com with the affiliateID in the URL will get credit to earn commission.

    My question is: Our APIs related to this program return the referral links to pages/products on shop.com that have the affiliateID properly formatted in the links. To enable the our API to provide that in the response, it needs to know the affiliateID. We are currently passing it as a query parameter in the call to our API. Theoretically, and/or philosophically :), is that the right place to pass an element that is used to customize the links in the response?

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